People travel for a number of reasons, to escape the daily grind of work, to visit friends and family, as a part of their job or simply as a means of relaxation. The beautiful thing about travel is it allows you to remove yourself from your everyday and fully immerse in a new and exciting culture. We often get asked why it is that we choose to travel, and more specifically why we select the destinations that we do. Why a roadtrip through Iceland? Why honeymoon in South Africa? Why backpack Europe? And each time we find ourselves with the same simple answer, WHY NOT!!

Travel for us has always been about the ability to acquire valuable, new experiences that are most often times outside of what is our norm.  These experiences are what has guided us through some of our most pivotal decision making years, has aided in the growth of our relationship, and has ultimately moulded and continues to mould us into the people we are each and every day.

In 2012 we arrived in Paris ready to embark on our first major travel adventure. Everything was new.  We were young and ambitious with absolutely no clue of what to expect. Thinking back now we know it is the element of unknown that plays a major role in our incessant need to continue to travel.  Standing in the rain at Charles de Gaulle we cautiously glanced at one another and squeezed hands a little bit tighter.  After four days navigating the Parisian streets we boarded a train heading South feeling confused, uncertain and heavily fueled to keep going.  Hours spent pouring over maps, translating French verses and trying to create a daily rhythm between each other we built an adrenaline that had us craving more with each step.  Whether we were exhausted and frustrated or overjoyed and in awe, all we knew was that we wanted to hold on to the feeling that travel was giving us for as long as possible.


Still today, every time we step onto an airplane or jump in the car, a tingling sensation is ignited. As we embark on a new adventure it is the mixed feeling of anxiousness and excitement that continues to fuel our love of travel.  We often find ourselves reminiscing about the locations we have been, the experiences we have shared and the opportunities that lay before us to return to some of our favourite places.  As our list of destinations continues to grow we leave behind a small piece of ourselves everywhere we travel.  What we take home however is much more valuable, hearts full of memories that continue to remind us why we travel.  We would not be the people we are today without those experiences.

So, we urge you to travel! Experience new cultures and people, remove yourself from your comfort zone. You will be surprised at what you learn about yourself, and how much you can grow.