We sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in Canada.  Especially when its -2o and there’s a blizzard outside.  However, despite chilly temperatures, breathtaking landscapes spoil us almost daily. Untouched, wild terrain offering a glimpse of what mother nature truly has to share.  With so much beauty, Canada is also a country that understands the importance of preserving such untouched environments. This concept extends from the remote areas of the Rocky Mountains to urban centres.

Our own city is a prime example as it is home to one of North America’s largest provincial parks. Completely surrounded by the hustle and bustle of urban life, Fish Creek park, is an oasis for city dwellers. Stretching 13 km from east to west, the park features dense forest, rocky river beds and endless trails.  It is also home to an array of wildlife including deer, coyotes, owls and beavers (how Canadian).  On a yearly basis the park welcomes over 3 million visitors and offers each of them a wilderness escape.  Last weekend, we embarked on our own disappearance from the city.

The purpose of our own outdoor adventure was for a photoshoot with one of our favourite photographers. Red Bloom Photography, not only shot us four years prior but had also given us our very first photo session.  We couldn’t wait  to work with this amazing photographer again!  The shoot’s location also gave us the opportunity to capture new memories in a uniquely Canadian setting.

Perfect weather greeted us the morning of.  A slight breeze in the air but sunny skies emitting a warm glow through the trees.  As we traipsed through dusty snow, we smiled, laughed and held hands.  All the while, we were being flawlessly captured on camera.  Today, we received the proofs and were so excited with the final product that we needed to share right away.  The images below are a brilliant representation of our relationship and the stunning location in which we call home.  For all of those seeking a spectacular photographer whether you are a local or visiting from afar please check out Red Bloom Photography and see for yourself the striking work below: