We have an exciting announcement to make!  For 2017 we will be undertaking a 52 week feature series here on Curated Habitats!  Conspicuously named, Photo of the Week, the series will highlight one image and a corresponding story every single week. Our goal, to accomplish this without any cheating for an entire year.

So, to kick things off we are heading back in time to 2012!

Our week one photo of the series is from Amsterdam, the third to last stop in a backpacking trip across Europe. Our smiles are evident in the photo but we couldn’t help but we excited.  We were staying on our first ever house boat, The AmiticiA, to be exact.  With stacked bunk beds, closet type showers and a Captain named Roy, the idiosyncrasies of the boat were a shoe in for a great story.  It was here that we drank Vodka with a Russian father and son. Where we compared travel stories with Brazilian students living in Ireland.  The floating home that we saw some of our most memorable sun sets from.  And a place where travellers carve names into the underside of their bunk beds for future guests to discover.

So, if you are heading to Amsterdam and looking for a memorable place to stay, toss your seasickness worries aside because this is the place for you.  We promise, you’ll have as big of smiles as we did.