Have you ever wanted to soar above the clouds?  Can you imagine doing it without being in an aircraft? For our week two photo, we are sharing exactly how you can accomplish this. Welcome to the top of the world in Haleakala National Park, Maui, USA.

This photo is from a family vacation to one of North America’s most sought after destinations.  More uniquely however it is from the top of an active volcano that makes up 75% of this destination’s land mass.  Our journey to get here took us 10,000 feet above sea level where we witnessed panoramic views of the entire island. A well paved road and the Haleakala visitor centre, make this an ideal adventure for all visitors.

Haleakala means “house of the sun”, and the summit does not disappoint. This active volcano (although the last eruption was in the 1700’s) sits perched well above the clouds.  To make your trip enjoyable, bring layers! It would be an understatement if we were to say that it’s only a tad windy at the top.  A wind breaker and long pants will ensure that 1) you don’t freeze, and 2) you are comfortable to be able to spend more time enjoying the amazing views.  As you are in a National park you can also hike the area.  So, pack water and snacks if you’re planning to do some trekking.  Once you enter the park there are no spots to purchase anything.

Whether you are heading straight to the top or planning to ascend slowly, the best time to summit is either at sunrise or sunset. This will provide you with spectacular views and amazing photo opportunities. We went for sunset, and our photos can barely do justice to the colours in the sky, the bouncing light off the crater, and the cloud formations below! It was such a surreal experience.  Heading back down the volcano, at times it looked as though we were going to drive right into the clouds. We stopped along the way for photos, and took in a beautiful Haleakala sunset. It was the highlight of our Maui trip, and something that is certainly not to be missed. Take a break from the beach activities and immerse yourself in the beauty of this National Park.