cobblestone streets

We are officially home from Montreal and busy enduring vacation withdrawal.  It’s a real thing, we promise you!  This morning, I couldn’t help but wish I was still strolling down cobblestone streets instead of navigating a congested commute.  My mind easily wandered up Rue Saint Paul and into a cafe before I realized I was actually just standing in line at Starbucks.  As such, it only seems fitting that our Week Four photo pays homage to the magic of historic streets.

While some may use uneven, bumpy and hard to walk on to describe some of the world’s oldest roads, Kevin and I tend to be more partial to quaint, romantic and full of secrets.  We’ve spent our fair share of time exploring (and getting lost) down many stone passages.  Often dating back hundreds of years, cobblestone streets are the keepers of a city’s history.  Between each groove lives a story and after long enough, it’s these stories that give character and culture to their home.  Historic streets are where we cross paths with great and monumental events .  Where our feet touch the same stones as some of history’s most famous names.  And where so much of human history has transpired, much that we know of and much that we never will.

For us it doesn’t necessarily matter where the street is but rather what the street holds.  We could be in Havana but it’s the fact that we are standing where the Cuban revolution took place.  Perhaps we’re in Paris but we are below the room where Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables.  And maybe we are in Quebec, visiting the very place where modern medicine was first brought to the country. Ultimately, it’s the story that keeps us intrigued.  Keeps us digging for more.  And keeps us exploring old streets.