Last night we spent the evening at a local wine tasting event.  As we savoured flavours from around the globe, it got me to thinking about all of the amazing wineries we’ve actually had the opportunity to visit. So, for our week five photo it seemed fitting to share more on one of our favourite wine regions.

The Okanagan Valley, a premier grape growing region in Canada, is located in the heart of interior British Columbia.  Established in 1859 by a French Catholic priest, the very first vineyard was only for the production of sacramental wine.  Thank goodness that is no longer the case!  Today, it stretches for 250 kilometres and is home to 174 wineries.  You can just imagine how popular it is now.

We’ve been to the region multiple times but with each trip we seem to find a new winery to love.  With varying soil and climate conditions throughout the area, you find endless varietals to try.  So, whether you are looking for a crisp white, an earthy red, or a dry rose, the Okanagan will have it.

What we also love about the area is the value for money. You can easily embark on your own self drive wine tour or you can book a car to do the navigating for you.  Tasting fees are reasonable and if you buy a bottle they often waive the charge.  Restaurants located at the wineries can sometimes be a bit pricier but the food is almost always excellent.  Overall, you can enjoy amazing wines without breaking the bank.

As the first signs of Spring start to arrive we can’t help but dream about a trip through wine country.  If you are planning your own soon here are some of our favourites wineries to check out.

Gray Monk – this was the first winery we ever visited and because of this it was also the winery that we chose to feature at our wedding.  Try the Lattitude Fifty and join a tour of the cellars.

Mission Hill – probably the most well known winery of the region.  If you do nothing else, make sure to check out the amazing views.

50th Parallel – the architecture of the tasting room is breathtaking.  When we first visited they had just finished construction so I can only imagine how much more beautiful it is now.

Arrowleaf – I absolutely love the Bacchus, make sure to try it as it’s hard to find elsewhere.

Quails Gate – this is the place to stop and have lunch.  Old Vines Restaurant is well known for its excellent ingredient and sublime atmosphere. Book a reservation however as it is always busy.

Rollingdale – if you love ice wine then you will appreciate this little winery.

Have you been to the area? We’d love to hear your favourite stops!