vienna museum quarter

It’s a rather chilly Sunday here at home.  And while we know that March doesn’t necessarily mean warmer weather, there’s always hope that an early Spring might arrive.  Today, is not that day however. It’s a stay in, drink hot chocolate and watch a movie kind of day.  Or blog!

It’s easy to have those days when you’re at home but when you are travelling it’s not quite the same.  Not very many people want to spend their entire trip cooped up in a hotel room.  Sadly, we don’t control the weather and sometimes mother nature doesn’t want to play nice.  So, what do you do?  Over the years we’ve experienced our fair share of unpredictable storms.  And, as a result have collected a few tricks to make the most of your bad weather days.

This week’s photo features one of the best places to escape crappy weather, the museum!  Almost every city has one and often times you can find one showcasing a particular interest.  Think beyond the art museum to things like the National War Museum or the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Today, there is an exhibition for almost everyone.  As such, museums no longer align with terms like ‘boring’ or ‘stuffy,’ today’s versions are far from it.  So, the next time you encounter an unfortunate climate change, look up the local museum, and check it out.

During our European backpacking trip we had the opportunity to explore an endless number of museums.  However one area in particular stood out.  Museum Quarter located in Vienna, Austria. This portion of our trip marked not only the mid way point of our six weeks but was also where drizzly days threatened our planned outdoor activities.  With two days of rain attacking us, we picked up a multi museum pass and made our way through this iconic area.

Renovated from it’s original use as the court’s stables, the space is now the eighth largest cultural area in the world.  It is home to iconic buildings such as the Leopold Museum, the MUMOK and the Kunsthalle Wein as well as state of the art facilities including the Tanzquartier and the Architekturzentrum Wien. These buildings showcase the best in art, architecture, dance, music and history.  And believe it or not, our two days of wet weather was not long enough to cover everything.  As a result, we will certainly be back rain or shine!