prague dancing house

Happy Sunday and happy photo of the week day!  I was trying to come up with a catchy way to talk about today’s photo but my wit is missing.  So, instead of some inspirational quote or silly joke I’m just going to get right down to business.  Our week seven featured photo showcases why weirdness is one of the best reasons to travel.

Fred & Ginger.  No, not the iconic dancing duo, although that is who the nickname refers to, but rather the famous building in Prague.  If you are not familiar with the structure, it is a famous Frank Ghery and Vlado Milunic creation that expertly mimics a pair of dancers.  Hence the Fred & Ginger reference. It is also however, more commonly known as the Dancing House.

Built in 1996, the structure originally came under scrutiny due to it’s non Baroque/Gothic design.  If you have ever been to Prague, you will understand immediately how rare this actually is.  It is no secret that the city has a very distinct look.  Today however, the building is a symbol of contrasts. Modern, and unusual it sticks out in a line of traditional architectural styles.  Passerby’s can’t help but stare, it’s sharp differences naturally drawing in the eye.  And really, it seems to ask viewers to question it’s existence. Could it possibly be an urban mirage?

What we love most about this building is its oddities and the fact that they are what make it worth seeing.  The curved sides and angled windows speak volumes.  Would we even travel if there weren’t amazingly unique sites to see.  If everything in every city looked the same, would there really be any reason to explore.  Probably not!  So, it’s buildings like these that keep us engaged with what the world has to offer. And that keep up searching for weirdness that will excite!