Ok, before you get side tracked by this adorable little face, we want to tell you more about our week eight photo!   On Saturday night, I got to spend the evening with the newest member of our extended family. And, while it wasn’t a night out at the hottest new restaurant, it was probably even better.  My date, an insanely cute, eleven week old puppy named Tessa.

As we played ‘chase the leaf’ and ‘chew on the giraffe,’ it got me thinking about what draws us home. What are the things that we love enough to keep us coming back?  While this blog is certainly all about our love for traveling, let’s be honest.  Full time travel isn’t easy.  For most of us, we have to combine holidays with a stable job. And as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, vacation withdrawal is a real thing. So, it only makes sense that we latch on to things that make coming home a little bit easier. After experiencing both long and short times away, here’s what seems to always draw Kevin and I back.


Kevin’s pick: The Comfort of Your Own Bed

There is just something different about sleeping in your own bed.  Where the sheets are washed in a familiar scent.  The pillow is to your preferred firmness.  And you can add or remove as many blankets as you desire.  When you are travelling, you never know what you might find in the accommodations available.  And since familiarity often aligns with comfort, the best place to find that is your own bed.

Jen’s pick: Friends and Family

This is an obvious one.  Despite being able to imagine travelling forever.  And then just convincing my friends and family to come and visit wherever I might be.  I will always want to come back to see the people I love the most, including the super cute furry family members.

What makes you excited to come home after a long trip, we’d love to hear!