For those of us who took a high school history class, by a show of virtual hands, who enjoyed it? There’s probably a healthy mix of people who loved history, and people who hated history. For us, one thing’s for sure! Time on the road has shown us that history is in fact way cooler then what our textbook’s suggest. And this week’s photo is proof.

Real history, the kind that you find in a cobblestone street for example, has the ability to transport us.  It takes us back to times and places that are nearly impossible to imagine.  In doing so, it teaches us how to appreciate what we aren’t familiar with and it shows us how our present was shaped.  Regardless of where or when, seeing history first hand, gives us a glimpse of how our everyday will too, one day become history.  There is one place in particular that this feeling was especially prevalent.  Rome, the birthplace of modern society.

Our week nine photo takes us to this beautiful city, where the past and present have magnificently entangled to create a one of a kind travel experience.  Rome is literally bursting with history! And this should come as no surprise.  The city has been around for more than 2,500 years.  So, whether you are grabbing a slice of pizza or enjoying authentic gelato, you are likely doing so in the very place where a democratic debate unfolded.  Or perhaps where a gladiator lost his final battle to an angry mob.  Evidence of the past lays scattered almost everywhere.  Rome, is a living archeological site.  As you weave from the Trevi fountain to the Colosseum you walk alongside some of antiquities oldest ruins.  Pieces from the world’s first parliament or foundations of a family’s home, it is like nothing else.

So, whether you put your hand up for loving or hating history, getting to experience it first hand will change every perception you once had of that dusty old text book.