Goodbye Winter, hello renewed sense of optimism.  Spring has arrived and is gracing our photo of the week.  Here come, longer days, brighter mornings and softer temperatures.   

With sights set on warmer weather, we can’t help but feel excited.  Some of our best travel memories have taken place in the Spring.  From Paris gardens, to Vancouver beaches, this time of year is not only for the awakening of sleepy cities.  It is also the perfect time to embark on a new adventure.

So without further ado, here are some of the top perks of Spring travel to help you defrost and get out and explore.

Hotels are way cheaper

Score a fantastic deal by avoiding peak season summer prices.  This is not only an opportunity to save money but to also experience high end accommodations for a fraction of the cost.  Monitor flights and hotel prices in March so that you’ll be able to jump on amazing sales. 

Actually get IN to museums and other tourist hot spots

Spring travel is great for avoiding long, boring lines.  It allows you to get in to all of your top sites and as a result be able to see twice as much.  In 2012, we took on Europe in the Spring and we’re able to check off a crazy number of museums that would have been impossible to see in the summer.  Who can complain about that!

Spend more time outside

Traveling prior to the summer heat waves will make it much easier to enjoy time outside.  Of course this depends on where you are visiting but Spring temperatures are often much more comfortable for exploring.  Enjoy that light breeze as you navigate a new favourite city.

Capture amazing photos

Your camera will thank you for travelling in the Spring.  Pick locations where you can see the first signs of this beautiful season arriving.  Think cherry blossoms and lush, rolling hills.  Spring is an opportunity to see popular destinations in a completely different light.