Happy Easter Sunday everyone!  We hope you are all spending time with family, enjoying good company and of course eating mini eggs.  However, when you need to escape that awkward conversation between your Aunt Helen and Cousin David about the best way to cook potatoes, we are ready with a guilt free distraction.  This week’s photo!  Girls, get ready to jump up and down.  Guys, get ready to watch. Week Twelve is all about travel decor!

To start us off, I need to first confess a couple of things.  One: I am a total perfectionist. Two: I really don’t like clutter.  And three: I believe that everything in a home needs a purpose and place.  So, when Kevin and I bought our first home together, it was important to me that we decorate it with items that mean something to us instead of with ‘just stuff’.  Don’t get me wrong, we do still have the odd vase or candle holder.  However, 90% of what is displayed around our home is meaningful because it represents what we love most, travelling.

These items are a combination of souvenirs and DIY projects that we’ve collected over the years.  Today, they serve as memories to some of our favourite travel moments.  More importantly though, they showcase us.  When we welcome guests into our home, they often tell us how much the space represents who we are.  I love this.  It means that we have successfully created a space that not only we are comfortable in but our friends and family are too.

So, if this concept resonates with you, here’s how we accomplish it.

1) Avoid the traditional souvenir items like keychains and bracelets.  You can achieve this by staying away from generic tourist stores.  Instead seek out boutique shops that feature local craftsman and artists.  We also love exploring markets as it makes it so much easier to find unique pieces.  Some of our below examples include, a cityscape candle holder picked up in Prague, a giraffe wood carving from Cape Town and a book on wineries we purchased while in Stellenbosch.

2) Save small items like museum tickets and boarding passes to place in custom made keepsake boxes.  These are my absolute favourite and were so much fun to make.  The idea originally came from Pinterest (oh how I love this platform) and were really simple to make.  All that you need is a few raw wood boxes, available at Michaels, and some craft paint.  I chose colours that would match our home’s palette and then labelled each with a different font type to provide variation.  The script was the hardest part but you can also use a stencil to help with this part.  Inside each box are things like entrance tickets, photos, sea shells, maps, sand and more depending on the travel destination.

3) Lastly, put together photo books with your favourite memories.  Ok, I have one more confession, I am obsessed with travel photos.  Hence, why we have a 52 week feature photo series.  After any trip, you can almost guarantee that I will be sifting through thousands upon thousands of shots.  But, what better way to save these moments then to showcase them in beautifully printed photo books.  Gone are the days of developing film and sliding the pictures into album sleeves.  These books now have the photos printed directly on to the pages.  I am a huge fan of the products at Artifact Uprising specifically.  From the high quality materials to the lay flat design, the end result is a keepsake that you will be so proud to share.

Since, travel decor is near and dear to my heart I couldn’t choose just one photo this week.  So, we hope you will enjoy all three below!

travel decor

travel decor

travel decor