qualicum beach

Happy belated Earth Day everyone!

If your social media feeds weren’t flooded yesterday with messages about environmental protection then you might be living under a rock.  April 22nd is an important day.  Since 1970, people from over 141 countries have come together to lift the status of environmental issues.  Today, it is a world wide event that over 20 million people take part in.

So what does Earth Day mean to us?

It’s an opportunity for the world’s people to come together.  Not as individuals but as a global community to show the planet how much we care.  In a world where we are constantly consuming energy, we often don’t realize how our decisions contribute to major environmental concerns.  Earth Day reminds us that even small gestures can make a difference.  When enough of us come together, small changes can become bigger, positive movements.

Over the last century the human footprint has grown exponentially.  While break throughs in science and technology have improved societal life in many ways, they have also led to longer life spans and larger populations.  Today, the planet works to provide natural resources to almost 9 billion people.  That’s a pretty huge number!

In developed countries, there is no doubt that heavy energy use is contributing to the depletion of the very environment that keeps us alive.  We are constantly hearing about the effects of global warming and climate change.  But we are hearing about them because they are so important.  Without taking steps to care for our planet, we won’t even have a planet!

As travellers, our footprint expands beyond our home country.  So, it’s even more important for us to be cognizant of how we treat the Earth.  If we don’t, landscapes like this week’s photo won’t exist.

We are certainly not environmental experts but we do understand the importance of day’s like Earth Day. It’s a crucial reminder that it isn’t up to just a few of us, it’s up to all of us to save the world.  And the first step can be a small step.