Two things.  One: how is it already week fourteen of our feature photo series? And two: can you believe it’s May 1st tomorrow!  To say that this year is flying by would be a huge understatement.  Every time we blink, it seems as if another month has come and gone.  Before we know it, it will be Christmas again! Knock on wood though, we just got rid of the snow and I’m not ready for more anytime soon.

This past week, the topic of time has actually come up quite a bit.  Maybe it’s our age creeping up on us. Or the reality that life is starting to move fast.  But either way, the conversation was spurred because Wednesday (the 26th) marked a pretty important date in our time.

Five years ago, to the day, we left on our first major travel adventure.  Twenty two years young and just finished our final undergrad exams ever, we could not have been on a greater high.  After months of planning and preparation and with backpacks bigger then ourselves we took off on our five week trip around Europe.  This is the trip that we credit with turning us into the couple we are today.

Part of me can’t believe it’s been half a decade already.  The other part knows because we have continued to grow and change so much since then.  It will always be a very important part of who we are however, so this week we are featuring a snapshot from our stopover in Venice.

The sinking city was our fifth location and marked two weeks of travelling.  We arrived by train but based on the amount of water surrounding us, you would have guessed that we had transformed into a boat. Venice is exactly as you would imagine. Fairytale like, but slowly disappearing beneath the waves.  It’s incredibly unique.

While exploring the labyrinth of canals, a little girl feeding pigeons caught our attention.  Fearlessly, she filled her hands and offered them to the boisterous birds.  This is probably my favourite photo from the entire trip.  I couldn’t get over how excited she was to interact with them.  How unfettered she was when they pecked at her.  And how big her smile was when they grabbed a piece and flew away happily.  In my mind, this little girl will always be frozen in time.  She will always be just five or six years old.  And she will always love feeding the birds.