We don’t want to jinx anything but summer might actually be just around the corner.  Buds on the trees are starting to bloom and yesterday I tangoed with a sleepy bumblebee.  This means longer days, warmer temperatures and best of all, patio season!  Welcome to our week fifteen featured photo.

Give me a pair of sunnies, a pitcher of sangria and a spot with a view.  Who doesn’t love a patio?  If you are anything like us, you actively embrace all things to do with patio culture.  This means braving the start of the season by sitting under a heater and soaking it up until the very end, wrapped in a blanket. Whatever it takes, enjoying the outdoors for as long as possible.

To us, the opening of patios is synonymous with the start of summer.  It generates excitement and creates confidence that winter is officially over.  It’s why outdoor seating is always full and there never seems to be enough restaurants.  As a cherished summer activity, from May (hopefully) to September, you will be hard pressed to find a spot in the sun.  So, get there early and stay late, enjoy it as much as you can for as long as you can.

If you are looking for your summer space in Calgary, check out Avenue for a detailed list of locations.

Summer is great for so many reasons, and patio’ing’ is just one of them.  What are your favourite summer activities?  We want to hear from you, so tell us what you have planned for this year’s warm weather.