About Us

We are Jen and Kevin, the couple behind Curated Habitats, a travel and lifestyle blog. Currently residing in Canada, our travel obsession began in 2012 when we landed in Paris for a six week journey across Europe. That trip changed the direction of our life, shaped who we were to become and instilled in us a fire to keep going. Since then we have explored new destinations every year with no plans of stopping.

What's in a name?

It wasn’t until after experiencing our biggest travel destination to date that we suddenly knew it was time to share our experiences with others. The opportunity to spend our honeymoon in Africa ignited a need to encourage others to explore places beyond their comfort zones. From this, Curated Habitats was born.

It was important to us that the name for our blog encompass the many forms of travel we have undertaken over the years, leaving no experience out.  The concept of a habitat allowed us to achieve this.  Building on the definition that a habitat is an environment where one lives allows us to include our travels through remote, wilderness areas where nature and animals make their home and our stories of time spent in quaint, rural towns or bustling cities where people thrive.  It also ensures we account for all future destinations, you never know where we might end up next.

Our goal for this blog is to curate our very best travel memories from any and all habitats across the globe that we find ourselves exploring.   This blog is our home to become storytellers and to encourage you to take a leap to start collecting your very own irreplaceable memories.  We can’t wait for you to follow along!

The Team

The planner, coordinator and documenter behind this blog.  I  have an innate ability to remember random trivia facts, just ask, and a weakness for great wine, furry animals and unfamiliar destinations.  My favourite google search ‘top uncommon travel destinations.’
The calm, rational thinker who has a knack for mapless directions is also the guru behind our social media.  As a true Canadian, Kevin can be counted on to find a hockey game in nearly any city around the globe (including Prague in the middle of summer).